Photography Courses & Lessons in Toowoomba

Learn from Master Photographer & Educator Don Hildred who has 30+ years of professional industry experience

Private Lessons


Relax, and enjoy the significant benefits of a one-on-one private tuition lesson to gain the most from your valuable time.


Photography courses

Can be organised for up to 20 people in and around Toowoomba, and South East Queensland with 2 weeks notice.

Online Tutoring

Zoom tutorials

For complete safety, try our online Zoom tutoring. Lessons can be designed to suit your particular photographic needs.

Kids Photography with Don Hildred

Kids Photography course

Cost – $120.00
Duration – 3 hours

All mad keen young photographers are welcome to learn about their cameras in a safe & friendly environment. School holidays & Weekends.

Camera Basics Course with Don Hildred

Camera Basics course

Cost – $120.00
Duration – 3 hours

Just bought a new camera? Then our beginner’s photography course is just right for you! Learn to understand your Compact, DSLR or Mirrorless camera.

Master My Camera lesson with Don Hildred

Manual Exposure course

Cost – $120.00
Duration – 3 hours

Wanting to advance your skills and get off the Auto settings? They learn how to explore what’s possible using the Manual, & Creative Priority Mode settings.

Photo processing lessons with Don Hildred

Photo-editing lesson

Cost – $40.00 (p.h)
Duration – 1 to 3 hours

Want to “WOW” your images! Then let Don guide you through the essential post-processing techniques required to get the best from Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom Classic.

Macro Photography - Blue Butterfly

Gift Vouchers

Cost – $120.00
Duration – 3 hours

Surprise your loved one with a Private Photography Gift Voucher. Current for 1 year from date of purchase. Includes Camera Basics, Master Manual Exposure and Kids Photography lessons.

Consulting Session with Don Hildred

Consulting session

Cost – $40.00 (p.h)
Duration – 1 to 3 hours

Let’s sit down and chat about your photography needs. Covering what camera to buy, which post-processing software best suit your needs, etc. At your home, office or coffee shop.

Your Tutor
Master Photographer Don Hildred

Don Hildred Master-Photographer

Don’s Student Course Feedback

5 Star Rating

5 Star Google Rating!

Don has taught over 1,000 students through his courses, workshops and tours. Imparting his 30-plus years of experience as a professional Photographer. Don’s students have learnt to better understand their cameras and capture amazing images.

“Thoroughly enjoyed the photography course and found Don Hildred to be an extremely good tutor. His lesson notes are easy to understand and will be used extensively at home: well done Don!”

J. McCowen

“Spent ALL DAY today working my butt off learning about my camera with Don. I did a version of his Artwork Documentation workshop – and it was worth every cent. I found all these hidden bits in my camera that I can now use – wheeeeeeeeee!”

C. O Connor

“Thanks to Don, our wonderful and patient teacher, I have learnt so much and expanded my photography skills. I never thought I would be shooting mostly in manual mode and stepping out of my (auto) comfort zone”.

 A. Gardener

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