Student feedback

Read what students are saying about their experiences with Don Hildred Photography Courses in Toowoomba

Don has been teaching & touring photography workshops for over 19 years in Qld, NSW and New Zealand…

Read what students are saying about their experiences…

“Don is a very experienced photographer and a brilliant teacher. I have learnt so much about my camera, light/exposure and so many photography techniques through his lessons. Would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to get the best out of their photography”.

J. Simmons

“I have learnt so much since I have been coming to Don Hildred classes and field days and tuition lessons. I enjoyed learning how to use all the different settings on my camera. Thank you for being so patience with me and helping”.

D. Horrocks

“Really worthwhile. Don Hildred is an excellent teacher who goes the extra mile for the students. Very knowledgeable and very well organised”.
C. Horton

Many thanks for your logical, clear & concise approach to teaching photography & Photoshop. I now have a much better understanding”.
L. Zirbe

“Don is a wonderful teacher-very positive, accommodating and organised with so much to share. 5 stars for Don!”

“Loved the course, learnt heaps, Don was very patient and Knowledgeable”.
F. Downes

“Don was an excellent teacher; he was very patient with the beginners and showed great generosity of spirit in sharing his information and going the extra mile”.
D. Bollard

“Spent ALL DAY today working my butt off learning camera and photography stuff with Don. I did a version of his Artwork Documentation workshop – and it was worth every cent .I found all these hidden bits in my camera that I can now use – wheeeeeeeeee!”
C. O Connor

“Difficult task for Don as tutor due to difficult levels of skill of class members. He did an excellent supportive job for all of us”.
J. Gibbs

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course and found Don Hildred to be an extremely good tutor. His lesson notes are easy to understand and will be used extensively at home: well done Don!”
J. McCowen

“Don was amazing at getting my very reserved daughter at ease, it is extremely rare for her to open up some quickly. Don was very well prepared for the lesson, extremely knowledgeable and able to convey this knowledge to the student in a manner that enabled her to understand”.

“It was a completely new experience for me being around so many artist and I made some new friends and learnt so much. A very big thank you to Don for being such a great (and fun) teacher for our group of photographers. As a result of this time and opportunity I have just staged my first exhibition in Lockhart River”.
R Knudsen

“Don is an excellent presenter – very patient and thorough”.
J. Evans

“I was very, very happy with Don Hildred… an excellent and generous teacher”.
R. Newport

“Don is brilliant, the most generous and patient tutor”.
J. Morgan

“Don, Thank you very much for your superb instruction and enduring patience, I learned a lot and enjoyed myself”.
B. Benson

“The course was great, don is very helpful and explains things so well. I’d highly recommend it”.
K. Sallway

“Thanks to Don, our wonderful and patient teacher, I have learnt so much and expanded my photography skills. I never thought I would be shooting mostly in manual mode and stepping out of my (auto) comfort zone”.
A Gardener

“Don is a very personable friendly person with great teaching skills. I am pleased to say I left knowing a lot more about what my camera can do, and excited to practice all I have learnt”.

C. Drinkwater

“Don is very knowledgeable as well as very patient. Perfect teacher for a beginner and I suspect even a proficient photographer will benefit greatly from Don’s expertise”.

D. Sankey

“As a complete beginner I found Don very easy to understand. He was very patient and took his time, making sure I understood before moving onto the next step. Looking forward to practising what I have learnt and then booking another session. Thanks Don”

R. Craymer

“Very well done and very helpful. Very insighful and Don is very helpful in all aspect of the course and our questions”.

J. McLuckie

“Don has a wealth of experience and was really easy to learn from, he translated very well for my limited experience. I would certainly recommend Don as a tutor.”

E. McDonagh

“Don is very easy to chat to and very knowledgeable, I have learnt a lot from my course and hope to do more in the future”

C. Rheeder

Toowoomba Photography Club

Members feedback!

“Excellent group of people with similar interests. very knowledgeable trainer.” Vanda Storie

“ For me just starting out I absolutely love it 🙂 ” Rachel Charters

“ Excellent group with a great teacher many thanks to Don. ” Stephen

“ I just love this group, great people and continually learning. ” Sonia O’Brien

“ I’m enjoying very much and learning a lot ” Dianne Horocks

“ fantastic, fun. learning and improving! Loving it! ” Kym Stewart

“ Friendly, relaxed and great educational experience. ” Michael Krause

“ Enjoyed the group and am looking forward to attending lots. ” Sharon Nicholls

“ Great meetup, thanks to Don and a lovely sharing group. ” Richard Ashley